felix- chocolate/rust/mushroom

felix- chocolate/rust/mushroom


felix- i was going to name my son this, but instead i named a throw that name. true story. and like my son, i'm really proud of this one.

  • colors here are: chocolate brown grey /rust (dull orange)/ mushroom (taupe) / cream

  • made in the usa

  • machine wash cold and medium dry for approximately 30 minutes. DO NOT OVER-DRY. can also be dry cleaned.

  • approximate size is 48 inches by 60 inches

wool throws are knitted the same way as the cotton, but these are made from 50% american merino wool / 50% acrylic. wool does have a 'loft' or 'felting' which is a natural fluff from the fibers, which gives it some depth and character.

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