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I guess I’m a designer. I designed everything you can buy on this website. But I don’t think of myself that way. I’m a Kansas City girl who got laid off from the wild world of advertising and said, Crap, maybe it’s time to do something with the art degree I thought about getting. So I started sketching, spent a ridiculous amount of time tracking down some awesome artisans who can do the softest, happiest things with beautiful fibers, and the rest is, well, it’s not history, because it’s still happening. 

Creating these blankets for you makes me truly happy, and I never get tired of hearing from boutique owners and customers alike that having them around makes them feel happy, too. There’s nothing wrong with loving color. Loving cozy. I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling you hate boring and scratchy as much as I do. 

Why the obsession with blankets?  Blankets are the perfect canvas. A giant piece of happy art that can be viewed at once across a bed or in little window panes of color, all folded up on a shelf. Or, picture this: a simple room, white walls, expected furniture. Now take a soft, cotton throw designed with perfectly hip shapes in colors that thrill your eyes. Fling it on the bed. That one thing just changed your habitat. And that’s why I design these blankets. Simple, immediate happy. 

My approach to running my business is done with the same ethics and creativity that I put into designing throws. I fully embrace the concept of small business and slow design. Always working in small batches, I often produce just a single throw, the idea is to keep changing and keep things small and simple. I am an advocate of small business and support my retailers as if they were family. I seek out independent retailers because they are entrepreneurs like myself and we must lift each other up. All my products are ethically produced- from recycled cotton, to the hand-dyed linen, to the American-made wool, to the locally produced alpaca- I am transparent about my process and take great care in knowing where my materials come from and who is making them. 

Oh ooops, did you come to the ABOUT section to learn more about my throws, shipping and recycled cotton? And here I am going on and on about myself. Sorry-- for that go here. Still want to know more about me and my business? Here's a nice little interview.  Sick of me yet? I am.  How about we shut up and go shopping!?